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Portraits of Kody, Ice, Sugar, Spice, Violet and Dash

"My first encounter with Margo was for her to paint my two boys (my dogs, that is) Kody and Ice.  I didnít know what to expect, but was absolutely overwhelmed with the result.  She was able to capture their entire essence and personality from photographs!  Their portrait hangs in an area where everyone can see it as soon as they enter my home (after they greet the boys, of course).  I was so impressed with her work that I asked her to paint my fatherís dogs and my motherís dogs to give to them as gifts.  Everyone loves them, and we all continue to receive compliments about them.  More than that, they are all very meaningful to us, and will forever be a part of our lives after our precious 4-legged loved ones pass on!"
Chris C.

Portrait of Bentley and Ava

"What a joy to work with you!  I could never have found an artist whose dedication and passion could capture the character of Bentley and Ava.  It is a work of love that we will cherish for many years."

Landscape Painting of Pat's House

"I really want to thank you for the painting.  John was in awe with it.  I wish you had been there to see him.  He just kept staring at it and saying it was "spectacular."  Each time he looked at it he would comment on how good it was and how much it looks like our house.  He truly was surprised and absolutely thrilled with the quality. I can't thank you enough for this treasure -- you'll always be remembered as we see it on our wall."
Pat S.

Portrait of Maggie & Ella

"Margo did a painting of my wife and new daughter. Her eye for detail really captured the purest of emotions- joy, innocence, and love- and communicated the strong bond between a mother and child even in the earliest moments. We will cherish this picture forever!"
Paul M

Portrait of Lindsay, Sydney, and Haley

" I absolutely love the portrait of my three daughters that Margo painted.  Her attention to detail and her ability to capture the moment is remarkable.  She is a very talented artist and I am proud to own one of her paintings."
Sheila C.

Landscape Painting of Katie's House

"We were thrilled with Margo's painting of our home, the crowning touch to a major renovation project. I had seen her work for other homeowners, and thought what a wonderful, personal gift or memento - I'd love to have her paint ours!  Her animal paintings are also really special - so expressive, you just want to reach out to stroke the fur or pat their heads."
Katie K.

Portrait of Al

"I commissioned Margo to paint a portrait of my husband.  She hit every detail especially his eyes.  My family was impressed at how much it looks like him.  I have it on the wall in my Florida home and everyone who comes to visit comments on what a real life portrait it is."
Betty K.

Portrait of Brooke & Sage

"Margo is a very talented artist.  The painting of Brooke and Sage, my dog and cat, captures the spirit of the love between these two animals.  Margo's ability to capture the emotions in animals is unique.  She has an innate ability to capture feelings, which is rare."
Karen C.

Portrait of Andy and Mark

"I recently asked Margo to paint a picture of my two sons when they were 9 and 10 years old in a setting I remembered from family vacations.  She did an excellent job.  My sons are married now with children of their own, but every time I look at the painting on my living room wall, I remember all the cherished times we had when they were growing up."
Charlie H.

Landscape Painting of Michele's House

"Margo did a painting of our home.  When I first saw it I was extremely moved by how she captured the beauty of our home. Margo has a true talent and an eye for creativity.  I have recommended her to several friends."
Michele K.

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